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Blair Campbell

Campbell, Blair Photo

It is with deep sadness that we announce the unexpected passing of Blair Campbell on June 3, 2017.  He is survived by his great love Donna Alena Hrabcakova of twenty years, Westerville, Ohio, his mother Barbara J. Huff Campbell of West Milford, West Virginia and his sister Dr. Amy E. Campbell of Austin, Texas. His late father Delbert B. Campbell passed on the same day in 2007.

There was a four night, three day Ceremony led for Blair conducted by Donna Alena’s Elders and Blair’s in Northern Washington along the Cascade Mountains and the Skagit River inlets. The main Elder guiding the process was Eleanor Seeley Blair’s beloved Elder from Walk About Joy in Trinidad, CA.  It began on the news of his passing for 4 nights and 3 days by constant guidance from the Elders.  He completed his journey to Spirit World on June 7, 2017 at 4:03 pm PST/ 7:03 EST.  Blair was devoted to the work of Adi Da.  A Fire Puja was held in Trinidad, CA. and donations were sent for a fire puja to the main sanctuary in the Fiji Islands.  Donna Alena was supported completely in the process from her Elders and family at the Center of Sacred Studies based in CA. There are too many names to be mentioned but they will all be thanked individually for their absolute complete loving service in Blair’s transition. Donna Alena would like to personally thank Lynley Hall of New Zealand for being an End of Life Soul Midwife available night and day for this process. Her help was invaluable and every example of unconditional love.

Blair was a brilliant artist whom graduated with scholarships from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1996.  He spent many years working as a Graphic Designer with an extensive portfolio of all his work.  He was a deeply sensitive person.  Some would say too sensitive for this world.  He cared deeply for animals and hated for any animal to suffer or experience cruelty at any level. He is sadly missed by his beloved dogs Poppy Mae and Mollie.

Blair was very intelligent and loved audio equipment, gadgets and technology. He was employed at Best Buy at Easton in Columbus, Ohio.  He excelled in sales in high end audio equipment such as LG, Sony and Magnolia.  He could tear apart almost any audio device, rebuild them and wire them to work.  He truly was a genius on that level.

He loved music. It was his true passion.  He played the violin and loved all kinds of music.  Some of his favorites were ambient, experimental, classical, techno, music from the 1980’s, alternative music and the violin and cello. He had a very extensive collection of music in both vinyl and CD’s.  Music was his therapy and lifeline. He also was an avid lover of cinematography and films.  He deeply enjoyed watching films and movies.

He was a writer and kept journals with sketches for years.  He wrote his partner Donna Alena love letters extensively for 20 years which she thinks numbers in the hundreds.  He was very romantic and kind in that way.

Many said Blair was extremely attractive. He was. Truly a beautiful soul in this world inside and out.  He loved nature and being with the trees, ocean and water. Here he felt the deep presence of God. He longed for more moments like that and to do his deepest love: Art. He was deeply private and loved being at home with his dogs and his love Donna Alena thus many did not get to know him in this life.

Blair also had a very astute sense of design and aesthetics. He loved the very minute details of art, design and making a house into a home.  His personal sense of style and how he expressed himself was very important to him. Surely not perfect as none of us are in human form.  Due to the unexpected tragedy of his untimely death the family believes he is now finally at peace with God and his loved ones on the other side no longer facing the deep struggles he had in this life.

In lieu of flowers donations can be sent to The Ohio Cremation & Memorial Society to Beth Buxton.  Her number is 614-840-0900. These gracious donations will offset funeral costs that were not expected. Ms. Beth Buxton will be in charge of all finances received and all other monies left over will go to the Sacred Camel Gardens of Northern California.  This is a cause Blair strongly believed in.  Here people can receive healing from spending time with camels if they have experienced a trauma, loss, grief, addiction or other life situations. Please visit to experience what your generous donation will support in memory of Blair.  This is a link to a video that displays the help sacred camel gardens provides to those in need of support:


Funeral details:  Blair Campbell Funeral will be held on July 15, 2017 on his birthday weekend at the North Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 1574 Franklin Street, Lewis Center, Ohio 43035.

It will be officiated by Dr. Reverend Susan Ritchie.

Art opening and Retrospective of Blair’s art will be at * 1:30 pm – 3 pm with violin and cello concert at the church. (*please note the change in time of art opening)

Celebration of Life Service will be at 3 pm.

Repass at the church following.

If you are led bring fresh flowers from your garden rather than buying flowers.  All donations can be made to:

Ohio Cremation and Memorial Society

Beth Buxton.  Please call Beth to arrange this.

Credit Cards and Checks Accepted


In honor of Blair Campbell

Ohio Cremation and Memorial Society

5464 N. High Street

Columbus, Ohio 43214

They are deeply appreciated.


A beautiful light has extinguished to go on and do better works, with an intensity and beauty we cannot fathom. He is gone in physical form and will be deeply missed.  He is forever free in the light and bliss of Pure Love and God.  We love you always dear Blair.

Donna Alena is taking guests and calls and can be reached via phone.

Thank you for reading this beautiful tribute.

” I too am a brief and passing thing.”


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  • Karen Hedden says:

    What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul. My thoughts and prayers are with all who knew and loved Blair and especially with Donna.

  • Karen hale says:

    Sending hugs and prayers to you, Alena, and to Blairs family. I am grateful to have met this sweet man ( however brief) and soul. Continued love to all, keeping the candles burning in his honor and for you, dear one.

  • Sisterhawk says:

    Beautiful tribute for your beloved. Sending prayers and love to you dear one and Blair’s family on Hawks Wings. Candles burning, will be with you in heart and spirit.

  • Teri Cornell says:

    I am so saddened by your loss of Blair. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time my friend. Love, Teri

  • Carolyn Rainwater says:

    Dearest Donna, I fondly remember getting to know my backyard neighbors, you and Blair. I hold you in your grief and love you always. My very deepest sympathies to the family and all loved ones. Blair was a gift to this world. His light continues to shine. A’ho. 🙏🏼 Ashe.

  • Jennifer Hopper says:

    What a beautiful and honoring tribute! Keeping you in prayer during this journey and sending abundant Love! May you feel the Love surrounding and enfolding you and may it bring you peace and comfort.💖

  • Victoria (Vikki) Marie says:

    Sending love and comforting energy to enfold you and Blair’s family. The lovely tribute makes me wish I had known him. Please know that you are in my prayers. Condolences, love and comfort dear Donna.

  • Caitlin Flynn says:

    Dear Alena, I’m very touched by this thoughtful tribute and so pleased to learn a bit more about Blair. What a sensitive and beautiful soul. I’m also moved by his life and his love for animals. I appreciate you connecting us into his reverence for the spiritual, therapeutic world of camels, allowing us to take a journey into his world. My heart is with you Alena. Ashe, Namaste.

  • Melody Jenkins says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. What a beautiful remembrance for your love! May you be comforted in the wings of the Divine.

  • Dawn Huelskamp says:

    What a beautiful tribute! Sending much love energy to You my beautiful friend 💚 Fly high and free Blair !

  • Bailey Breese says:


    Thank you for always coming into work and making me smile. Thank you for reminding me that anything could get better. You were such a high spirit and were always positive in the toughest times. You always made me laugh, whether it was about a complicated customer, or about a stupid tv. Although we didn’t talk as much as we would have liked, I enjoyed every moment we worked together. This hasn’t been easy for me, and work has been a little harder, but I will forever keep you in my heart. Rest In Peace, B. I’ll never forget you. <3

  • Garrett Coburn says:

    Blair, in the short amount of time I known you, you were a great person. Anytime you came into work it seemed like you were in the best mood ever. Also walking into work with a smile on your face.
    You’ll be missed by many Blair. Rest easy.

  • Stephen Helsel says:


    I may have only known you a short time, but during that time I grew to see how wonderful you truly were. You always held a positive and happy vibe no matter what. You always cared for everything and everyone making you such a wonderful person. You will be greatly missed.

    My thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of such a wonderful person.

  • Dusty S. says:


    In the past year I’ve gotten to know you as a wonderful sweet and caring person. Just as broken as the rest of us but perfectly you. You made me feel welcome and appreciated daily and that was no simple thing for me nor was it expected. You quickly became one of my favorite people and a true friend. I’ve relied on you for both work and personal advice which you were always happy to give. You’ve become a very special person to me, a large part of my life and I will miss you greatly. I will miss your laugh, your complaints about work, your devotion to your dogs, the way you greeted me, your passion for life and your sweet nature. Mostly I will miss being seen by you. I only wish I could have known you even better. I know we would have become family some day. I love you Boo Boo.


  • Sagal says:

    From the day we met, we enjoyed each others presence through our shared sense of sarcasm or even our snarky encounters with customers. You were the type of person to lighten the mood no matter the case. You were such a warm-hearted individual, and truly someone that will be missed dearly. My thoughts and well wishes to your family during these difficult times!

  • Travis W says:


    Ive never met anyone who was as happy to engage in conversation as you were. The many conversations we had about video games, music, your dogs, never saw a frown on your face. I was always happy to sit down and eat lunch with you knowing I’d have someone who shares the same interest to talk to. Sharing thoughts on work, and whatever movie we saw recently. Rest easy buddy, you’ll be missed.


  • Love says:

    There is so much Love in this beautiful writing for Blair. Prayers for all who know him- may his Love live in your hearts.

  • Kim Christine says:

    “He loved nature and being with the trees, ocean and water. Here he felt the deep presence of God.” ~ this is me too. I will do this for him, and I will feel his presence as I care for and honor all Life. Dear Blair. It was an honor to learn more about him and his beautiful soul. I will feel him strongly throughout my life, as he was so connected with you. I look forward to being there to honor Blair’s life with you. I am wrapping you in the Light of Love. Love you. ~ Kim

  • Keith & Kerry Agler says:

    Sending all our love to you Donna and Blair! We believe that that love transcends the mortal existence and continues on with us forever.

  • James Dodds says:

    Condolences to Alena, Family and Friends… everyone that loved, knew, and was acquainted with Blair… He was a neat guy, gifted in creativity and loved to learn. We only had a short summer friendship, but it will be cherished always.
    James Dodds
    Bemidji, MN

  • Richard Young says:

    Its been so hard to sit down and just write about you, because I feel like you were taken way too soon. I just wish that I would have worked harder to let you know how important and special you were to not only me, but to everyone that came into contact with you. Even though you are gone I want you to know that I will remember the things you told me for the rest of my life. Thank you for being a positive light in my life Blair and I hope you find peace in the afterlife.

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Columbus, OH 43214

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