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Daryle L. Simms



Born in Columbus Ohio on April 22, 1983. Beloved son of Carolyn S. Simms. Survived by his mother, his only sister, Tiffany K. Simms & Ronald L. Lees, Sr.; his nephew, Ronald L. Lees, Jr.; and neices Breanna M. Lees & Kaylee R. Lees; his only child, Kayla M. Simms and extended family members.

Daryle was compassionate, with a loving and caring heart. In time of need, he would be there dedicated and committed. He was an artist and loved to draw. He loved music, gambling, fishing and could whip up a good meal. His sense of humor would put a smile on your face and keep you laughing. He loved kids and was a true and kind animal lover. He has gone to be with his “best dog ever”, Mia. Daryle passed away at home on Monday, June 5, 2017.

He will be greatly and sadly missed by family and friends.

We said our final goodbyes on June 13, 2017. We Luv U, Daryle Lee!

Columbus Suicide Prevention Hotline 614.221.5445

The family appreciates the kindness extended by Beth Buxton with Ohio Cremation & Memorial Society. Please visit to leave the family online condolences.

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care by sharing this tribute.

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  • Sharon Simms says:

    I am so very sorry Carolyn and Tiffney. My heart bleeds for you both. Please call me if I can be of any help. I love you guys. Sharon. please call me when you feel like talking.

  • Kim and Kayla says:

    As you lay to rest we place a flower on your chest. We can’t understand why your gone we just know you moved on. Watch over your daughter day and night so she can live through the fight. The fight of living with regret but know she won’t ever forget. A piece of me died with you. Your my first love. My first relationship that unfortunately wasn’t meant. Either way you gave me a daughter now she will grow up not knowing her father. Not sure why we choose the paths we do just want you to know we loved you. RIP
    I’m sorry your story is untold please just rest your soul.

  • Michelle says:

    Carolyn & Family,
    You are in my thoughts & prayers. Daryle was beautiful inside and out. He will be deeply missed.

  • Estefanny Lasso says:

    This is so sad. I am so sorry for your family’s loss. It seems like just the other day he saw me at the buckeye store and asked why I was smoking lol. He was truly a warm hearted person and hilarious. I remember him always going to Tiffany’s house and playing poker. This seems so unreal and my heart goes out to his family. I love you Tiffany, Breanna, and family. I am here for you guys and will try to do anything to help if you need it. Rest In Peace. Gone but never forgotten. He will be missed but will live on thru his family.

  • Anita, catrina, john, nita says:

    To our family,

    In this heartbreaking and sad time of life, we send our condolences and sooooo much LOVE.
    Our cousin Daryle was a very outgoing and funny man, He always looked to put a smile on your face even if you we sad or mad. grieving is a very hard and depressing thing to deal with, to you all we say that we LOVE you and we are always here if you need us. We love you Daryle and the memories of you will forever go on. Lord we pray for our family in this terrible time we ask you to give them the strength and serenity and the ability to get through this hard time. It’s a long road and a hard process but always know he will live through or hearts, souls and memories. we love you all so very much and our hopes and prayers are with you. A song to remember tamala mann- take me to the king and tiffany eveans- father can you hear me. R.I.P. Daryle we love and miss you…

  • Vicki Small says:

    My deepest sympathies to your family. Darrell was a very funny guy and always had a complement when he came to the shop to get his haircut every two weeks ,I will miss him. God bless you and yours.

  • Jennifer says:

    Daryle, you will be missed greatly! We’ve had many of conversations…. I just wish you were comfortable enough to call me about this. You weren’t just a client, you became a friend and to me that means family. My heart goes out to your Mom and your daughter, he talked about you guys all the time! He loved you both very much! I’ll miss your laughs, jokes, smile, and how you would speak to absolutely everyone in the shop with some sort of compliment! I’m having a hard time processing this, as I know your family is. My prayers of comfort go out to all effected by this and big hugs to your Mom and daughter. God bless you guys! Rest easy my friend!

  • Joyce Rogers-Brown says:

    I’m so sorry. Prayers coming Ur way. If u need anything catch me on FB. Love U Tiff.

  • Sammy says:

    It’s taken me a while to write this as I’ve selfishly struggled to accept it. I remember the last time I seen you and you laughed as you grabbed my son up and ran. I was standing in the BP parking lot yelling your name “Durrrrleeeeeeee!! Durrrrrrrrrrleeeeeeee!!” Lol. Man, Your smile could light up a room, and is so unmistakably noticeable. And your sense of humor could make even the toughest person burst into laughter. You’ve left a lot of broken hearts behind but I pray my family can find strength and even the smallest sliver of peace knowing that your mind is at rest now. Oh Lil Durrrrlee, you know I’m not the soft type but this hits me so hard in heart. I hope you find the peace you needed in heaven that you sought on earth.
    To my Auntie Carolyn, cousin Tiffany, Ron & kids…. I extend my deepest condolences and sympathy at this time of pain. You are all so loved.

  • Marjorie says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of daryles passing, I didn’t really know him but I had friends that did and I’ve meant him before he was a really nice guy. Daryle and his family will be in my prayers.

  • Makayla says:

    Carylon and Loved ones, I know many of you don’t know me, I’m Michelle’s daughter and Daryle was truly a intelligent,Sweet, caring, bold, and loving man. And I pray every night for you all, It hurts so much, I just want you all to know, I’m here if anything is needed. I loved daryle and always will.

  • Pam and Jimmy says:

    We were neighbors of Daryle. We just found out what happened. We are so sorry. We only knew Daryle through his dog. We knew something happened but didn’t know what. We always would see Daryle walking his dog and he was always friendly with a wave. My husband and our Neighbors next door had said we need to have Daryle over with our dogs to play cards and a doggy play date. I’m sorry we are late with our condolences, but wanted to know how sad we are. So on behalf of Pam, Jimmy and Brandy, Adam we are so sorry for your families loss.

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